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WEAVE@cloud is CloudBees data integration platform.  With WEAVE@cloud we greatly simplify the process of communicating data between your CloudBees applications and your other SaaS and On-Premise Apps and DBs, allowing application compositions that extend beyond your CloudBees application.



Over time, we will be making it easier and easier for CloudBees customers to handle integration challenges within their CloudBees applications. Right now, you can already easily and cleanly receive notifications directly into your RUN@cloud application e.g. whenever a new Opportunity is added in  Or, you can easily add a new ticket to Zendesk based on simple Webhook events published by your RUN@cloud application.  For more on this, see App-Centric Integrations for RUN@cloud Apps.

We will continue to extend WEAVE@cloud as it stands today, allowing you to use it to migrate and synchronize data directly between your different SaaS and On-Premise Apps and DBs.

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